Commando Craft Program

  • Founder Ben Wright and a team of Worlds Elite Services was engaged by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, UAE to create the Commando Craft program to teach imperative life skills for future leaders.
  • 4 core essentials were identified for the Commando Craft program to deliver based on;
  • 1Confidence
  • 2Team Work
  • 3Healthy Habits
  • 4Resourcefulness

Our approach to education

These fundamentals are apart of the Commando Craft Program and most importantly delivered in a fun, safe and controlled environment that the kids love being a part of. Ben Wright identified it was imperative to share this program during the children’s core development age between 5-12

Upon returning to Australia, Ben was driven to open this program up to kids from all backgrounds rather then just the privileged few.


From humble beginnings from the small NSW country town of Yamba and after serving in the Australian Military, Ben transitioned into the private security industry in Australia and abroad.

Through his experience as a Close Protection Officer, Advisor and Mentor for government leaders and diplomats around the globe, Ben received a priceless education from these critical experiences. This created a wealth of experience and knowledge that motivated him to create and deliver a unique and incomparable program for the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Additionally, being a Father of five, has given Ben insight into the many challenges that children are faced with in today’s complex world. Not only are they confronted with the growing demands of educational milestones but also there is a need to develop technology skills in a rapidly changing world. Ben understands all to well the stress that this brings to our children and the need therefore to developed soft skills that will equip them to cope in this emerging environment. The skills of Confidence, Teamwork, Discipline, Resourcefulness, and Healthy Habits are all too frequently neglected or indeed ignored. However, these skills are essential in the development of our children, ultimately the development of the core skills leads to enhanced physical literacy.

Some of Ben’s Other Credentials Include;

  • Qualified Military and Civilian Combat Fitness Instructor
  • Royal Australian Military College Cadet Trainer
  • Blue Card Holder, First Aid Certified and Diploma in Work Health and Safety
  • Nutrition for Kids Certified