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At commando craft, we are committed to teaching life skills to children, to enable them to develop properly, and to become effective leaders in the future. In achieving this goal, we focus on four different areas:

  1. Building confidence in children
  2. Teaching children the importance of team work
  3. Helping children to develop healthy habits
  4. Training them to be resourceful

Confidence in children

This involves creating a sense of genuine self worth in children. Confident children believe in themselves and in their abilities. They have a positive outlook, and can take responsibility for their actions.

It is very important to develop confidence in children, as this will give them many benefits as children, and in adult life

  • Confident children will be better able to deal with challenges and difficulties in later adult life.
  • A confident child will be willing to try out new things, and this will greatly improve chances of ultimate success in adult life.
  • Confidence will also help children to build up good communication skills, and learn to interact effectively with other people.
  • Children who are confident will be more likely to build stable relationships in the future. This is important in future marital stability, and career success.

Team work

This involves teaching children to work effectively as part of a group toward achieving set goals. This is a very important quality for children to develop. The ability to work effectively as part of a team will have the following beneficial effects in the life of a child:

  • It will make them learn to cooperate with other people. This ability will enable them to be more competent adults as they will be good team players in the workplace, or in a marital relationship.
  • The ability to work as part of a team will help children to build up important negotiation skills which will be very helpful to them in adult life.
  • Learning team work will increase a child’s self awareness as the experience will result in self reflection on the child’s peculiar contributions to the actualization of goals. This self awareness will make the child a more effective and balanced adult.

Healthy habits

Learning about healthy habits is very important for children. Such training will have the following benefits:

  • It will help children grow and mature properly.
  • It will help them to avoid some adult disease conditions in later life.
  • The knowledge of healthy habits will also improve a child’s confidence.
  • It will make children more disciplined, and help them learn to control themselves at an early age.


This skill helps children to solve problems and face challenges creatively by making effective use of available resources. It is a very important skill for children to learn, and it has the following benefits:

  • It helps children to be confident.
  • It makes them learn to be independent and self sufficient.
  • Children who are resourceful will be likely to become highly successful adults.

We try to achieve these goals by making use of a fun, safe and controlled environment where kids would like to be. We focus on the child’s core development age from age 5 to 12. Our program is open to kids from all backgrounds.


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